In order to finance the functions of government the State budget funds from the State Treasury are transferred directly to the bank accounts of suppliers of goods and services, work contractors, beneficiaries of support and co-financing funds, as well as to municipalities and tax administration institutions. In exceptional cases, the funds for payments of expenditure may be transferred to the bank account of the budgetary institution opened with the credit institution: funds to natural persons (for wages, scholarships and other payments), suppliers of goods and services which function as natural persons, to cover mission expenses, to finance criminal intelligence functions and in other cases established by legal acts. The data about the recipients of the State Budget funds does not cover the information the publication of which, after integration of data, their comparison or in other cases, would disclose the classified information and/or create preconditions for the disclosure of such information.

To view the payments made by a budgetary institution, please use the filter on the left. To view which budgetary institutions made payments to the selected recipient, please select from the list of recipients.