The Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Lithuania after completion of consolidation procedures of budgetary institutions, public institutions, State Tax Funds and Funds of Resources as well as Funds of Funds, draws up a national set of financial statements which covers all public sector entities. Inter-transactions of public sector entities are eliminated. The data of financial statements covers the information about the financial position of the country as a whole, changes in items of financial statements which have affected it and performance.

Financial ratios

This section reveals the national assets, liabilities, financing amounts and net assets. The section on assets presents the information about disposed assets. The section on liabilities – to whom the assets belong, i.e. whether the assets are acquired from borrowed funds, whether they belong by the right of ownership and are attributed to a share of net assets or financing amounts (the government receives the financing amounts from the European Union and other sources).


Liabilities, financing amounts and net assets


This section reveals the information about revenue generated from key activities and costs incurred in generating revenue, revenue and costs of financial and investment activities as well as their difference – accrued surplus or deficit. The accrued surplus or deficit is attributed to a share of net assets.