The budget funds are used to ensure the performance of the functions assigned to government, 60 municipalities, State Social Insurance Fund (SSIF), Compulsory Health Insurance Fund (CHIF) and other funds. The budget funds are allocated to finance the functions of government and municipalities, to pay pensions, sickness, maternity, unemployment insurance benefits, to supply health care services, to acquire medicines and medical aids. This section presents the aggregated structure of expenditure plan and execution data of all budgets from which inter-budgetary transactions are eliminated.

Note: Due to differences between budgeting and execution rules, the SSIF and CHIF budget data is recalculated based on the classification of the State and municipal budget revenue and expenditure, and is tentative till the date of publication of the budget execution statements for a period concerned.


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Systematized and detailed data on Lithuanian public finances are opened in the analysis part. The data includes information on budget execution and financial statement sets. Users are given an opportunity to analyze data, create tables, figures, derivatives, download and share data.
The Ministry of Finance is not responsible for user's further use of the data and for decision making based on them.